Intelligent OMAX technology and engineering applied the laws of physics to its direct drive pump systems to deliver the highest nozzle horsepower, or JetPower, available, no matter the pressure. Delivering 30% more JetPower to the cutting head compared to the best intensifier pump designs, OMAX Direct Drive Pump Technology cuts faster, smoother, and more efficiently than any other pump technology at any pressure. OMAX designed their Direct Drive Pump Technology to deliver the maximum cutting potential to the cutting head. More power to the cutting head means faster cutting and lower operating costs, resulting in exceptional productivity.
With Variable Frequency Drive technology, OMAX pumps maximize production potential with substantial energy savings by altering the speed of the motor based on demand. With the VFD, OMAX pumps can operate throughout a wide range of motor RPMs, resulting in precise pressure control. Varying the speed and torque of the electric motor reduces wear and tear on the motor and pump crankcase, limiting maintenance overhead. Whether adjusting for low pressure piercing of delicate materials or dialing in pump pressure for maintenance longevity, VFD technology provides the user the flexibility to adapt to their specific needs and requirements.


All OMAX direct drive pumps are extensively tested at the factory, first in a standalone testing rig and then connected to your machine for a final test. With thousands of machines installed and operating worldwide, OMAX direct drive pump technology is the premier abrasive waterjet pump solution for maximum productivity.

EnduroMAX 100HP Direct Drive Pump
EnduroMAX 100HP Pump
EnduroMAX Direct Drive Pump
EnduroMAX Pump
MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump
OMAX Direct Drive Pump Technology
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