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High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine Manufacturer

Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting, Waterjet Intensifier Pump
Waterjet Pumps & Units

The direct-drive type pumps and ultra high pressure pumps are compact, powerful, and cost efficient. The operating pressure is up to 55,000 psi. Click for More Information


Water Jet Cleaning Gun, Water Jet Valve
Waterjet Guns and Valves

OH Precision provides water blasting handguns for the surface preparation and tube cleaning. Using high strength stainless steel and precision manufacturing process ensures the endurance and durability of these products. Click for More Information.

Waterjet Nozzles

OH Precision’s cleaning nozzles are high quality for ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning machines. Click for More Information.

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine, OMAX Water Jet Cutter
Water Jet Cutting Machine

Water jet cutting machine is not subject to thermal deformation. It is material-saving and is used to cut a wider range of materials. The cutting accuracy reaches ±0.03mm. Microsoft Window Interface is the software used by OMAX, which is easy to learn and provides lifetime updates upon machine purchase. Click for More Information.

Waterjet Replacement Parts, Water Jet Cutter Parts
Waterjet Replacement Parts

The water jet part production is under stringent quality control and we unceasingly research and improve on design and manufacturing of pumps and components. Click for More Information.

Waterjet Cutting Services
Waterjet Cutting Service

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