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Waterjet Cutting Services

OMAX 55100 Jet Machining Center
Precision machining workhorse

From prototypes to production runs, create parts in a variety of materials in sizes up to 5' by 10'

Product Specifications

Positioning Accuracy:
X-Y Travel:

OMAX System Details

Comparison with Other Machining Processes
Faster, Lower Expenses, Ease of Use


Abrasive Machining vs. Wire EDM

  • 5 to 10 times faster
  • Cuts conductive and nonconductive material
  • No heat-affected zone

Abrasive Machining vs. Laser

  • One-third the initial investment
  • Cuts reflective materials and parts up to 2" thick
  • No thermal distortion

Abrasive Machining vs. Machining Centers

  • Less set-up time
  • No preprocessing of materials
  • Use material more efficiently
Working Exemples