OMAX EnduroMAX Pump

The 4th Generation OMAX EnduroMAX® Pump is the industry leader in high efficiency reliable direct drive pump technology. Designed for long life, the EnduroMAX Pump is capable of over 1,000 hours between pump rebuilds, maximizing machine uptime. The simple yet robust design is specifically engineered to simplify maintenance through innovative features such as independent cylinders. The operator can rebuild each cylinder as needed, further shortening the maintenance cycle. The EnduroMAX Pump is standard on all new OMAX JetMachining® Centers and is retrofittable to earlier OMAX abrasive waterjet machines.
  • Simplified, robust pump design
  • Independent cylinders for ease of maintenance
  • Highly reliable design capable of over 1000 hours between maintenance
  • Variable Frequency Drive reduces startup power consumption and maximizes operating flexibility
  • Continuous 60,000 psi operation for faster part processing
  • Available in 30 hp, 40 hp, and 50 hp models
  • Increased productivity with operating efficiencies up to 85%
  • Solid wood lid provides access to the pump and doubles as a workbench
  • 4th Generation direct drive pump technology lowers operating costs and increases pump operating life
  • Continuously adjustable VFD technology significantly expands pump capabilities by controlling output flow rate and pressure
  • Lower overall energy costs compared to inefficient intensifier pump designs
  • EnduroMAX pump technology delivers the highest JetPower in the industry for faster and more efficient cutting
  • Environmentally “green” system with quiet and clean operation and low electrical consumption
  • Maximizes production with maintenance intervals more than double the industry standard
EnduroMAX Direct Drive Pump
  Motor Power
Maximum Jet Power1 Output Pressure Orifice And Flow Rate2 Dimensions
3060V 30 HP
(22 kW)
25.5 HP
(18.7 kW)
60,000 psi
(4,100 bar)
0.012” / 0.67 gpm
(0.30mm / 2.54 lpm)
66” x 36” x 38.5”
(1,676mm x 914mm x 978mm)
4060V 40 HP
(30 kW)
34.0 HP
(25.54 kW)
0.014” / 0.92 gpm
(0.36mm / 3.48 lpm)
5060V 50 HP
(37 kW)
42.5 HP
(31.5 kW)
0.016” / 1.20 gpm
(0.41mm / 4.54 lpm)
  1. JetPower is directly proportional to the water pressure at the nozzle times the volume flow rate of the waterjet stream.
  2. Recommended maximum orifice size. Smaller orifice sizes have a corresponding lower flow rate.
Enhanced Vfd Technology

By incorporating Variable Frequency Drive technology, the EnduroMAX pump can maximize production potential and achieve substantial energy savings by altering the speed of the motor based on demand. With the VFD, the EnduroMAX pump can operate throughout a wide range of motor RPMs, resulting in precise pressure control. Varying the speed and torque of the electric motor also means there is less wear and tear on the motor itself, as well as the pump crankcase, reducing maintenance overhead. Whether adjusting for low pressure piercing of delicate materials or dialing in pump pressure for maintenance longevity, the EnduroMAX pump with VFD technology provides the user the flexibility to adapt to their specific needs and requirements.