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OMAX Waterjet Machining Center
Waterjet Machining Center

OMAX is dedicated to be knowledgeable about your applications, expectations, and concerns. Having the entire process in one location allows for seamless integration of hardware and software. The end result is a user experience that makes an intuitive high-quality machine tool.

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Ultra High Pressure Cleaning Unit

OHP's ultra high pressure water jetting pumps have been used in industries widely for years. The direct drive type pumps are especially sturdy, powerful and efficient. The operating pressure is up to 55,000 psi.

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Waterjet Accessories & Parts

A wide range of waterjet accessories, including cleaning guns, valve, nozzles and parts, have been provided by OHP.
We also produce aftermarket replacement parts which are mostly in stock for short delivery time.

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Design for Water Jet Cleaning Machine, Equipment, System

OH Precision (Taiwan) has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high pressure water jet cleaning machine and water jet cutting equipment for cutting and surface preparation application. We also provide OEM parts and replacement parts for leading brands such as FLOW, KMT/IR, and OMAX. It prides itself on great workmanship in meeting, and often exceeding, OEM standards.


KIAE 2024

Exhibition Date: May 15~18th, 2024
Exhibition Location: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center
Booth No.: N1004