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Air Driven Jetlance - Water Blasting Equipment

Air Driven Jetlance

OH Precision provides water blasting equipment for the surface preparation and tube cleaning. Using high strength stainless steel and precision manufacturing process ensures the endurance and durability of these products.

In order to offer better convenience of water jet cleaning guns for the operators, the dump style jetlance is designed with low trigger force. It is less than 2 kg, and it reduces the tiredness effectively. In consequence, it increases the life of the cartridge and lowers the cost.


 Air Driven Jetlance
(a) Water Inlet
3/4-16UNF, 3/8" HP Hose
(b) Air Inlet
1/8" PT air tube
(c) Second Trigger
(d) Cleaning Nozzle

• Variable Speed Rotation up to 3,000 rpm
• Light Weight
• Very easy maintenance

Max Pressure 3,500 bar (50,750 psi)
Max Flow Rate 26.5 lpm (7 gpm)
Max Speed 3,000 rpm
Air Requirement 15 l/s @ 6.2 bar (30 scfm)
Weight 4.9 kg (10.9 lbs)
Part Number 80019103