OMAX Vacuum Assist

The OMAX Vacuum Assist accessory is the ideal abrasive waterjet solution for piercing brittle materials, advanced composites, challenging laminates, and more. While using lower pressure can generally pierce some brittle materials, the pressure of the jet can cause delamination if the abrasive feed is delayed even slightly. The OMAX Vacuum Assist eliminates that delay, allowing for consistent automatic piercing of composites, laminates, and other brittle materials. Designed to work on both cantilever and bridge machines in the OMAX and MAXIEM® product line, the OMAX Vacuum Assist can increase production and reduce material waste for maximum part processing yields.
  • Assist low-pressure piercing of delicate materials such as composites and brittle materials with low tensile strength
  • Works on both OMAX and MAXIEM JetMachining® Centers, including the MicroMAX®
  • Minimal floor space requirements
  • Low-pressure stationary piercing can help improve the circularity and edge quality of small holes
  • Works with Motorized Z Axis, Tilt-A-Jet®, and A-Jet® cutting heads
  • Precise on/off cycles to prevent excess garnet usage
  • Aids in piercing laminates with low adhesive strength between layers of thin materials and/or coating and substrate
  • Automatic dynamic pressure adjustments
  • Available in a wide range of nozzle orifice sizes, from 0.007” to 0.016”, with mixing tubes from 0.015” to 0.048”
  • Visible pressure gauge to verify correct pressure settings
Laminate Part File with Delamination Risks Potential Delamination with Standard Cutting Head:
Scrap Part & Restart Production
No Delamination When Cut With Vacuum Assist:
Uninterrupted Production
  • Connects to JetMachining Center air and power supplies
  • 110VAC for external abrasive drain pump
  • 0.8 lb/min maximum abrasive flow rate
  • 14” x 14” (356 mm x 356 mm) floor space for external abrasive drain pump

Different mixing tube/orifice ratios may improve piercing. Some orifice/pump combinations may restrict maximum pump pressure after low pressure piercing. Some restrictions when used with an A-Jet cutting head. Consult with an OMAX sales representative for more information.


OMAX is the global total solutions provider in advanced abrasive waterjet systems. Our intuitive Intelli-MAX Software Suite simplifies programming and reduces setup times, increasing your productivity. OMAX engineers continue to innovate technology for abrasive waterjet machining, from proven 5th generation pump designs to cutting edge drive systems with micron-level accuracy. With the largest abrasive waterjet support network in the world, OMAX continues to shape the future of waterjets.

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