Serial Number : 800975 Series


Pressure Regulating Valves can be used on one pump with operating multiguns, and allows one gun shut off while others continue operating. It also supports guns with different sizes of nozzles.

Pressure Regulating Valve PR-30


Pressure regulating and bypass functions switch from each other by changing 2 parts.

PR-30, Pressure Regulating Valve
Type Normal Open
Pressure Range 500-3,400 bar
(7,250-50,000 psi)
Max Flow Rate 30 lpm (7.9 gpm)
Air Source Requirement 1-5 bar
(Air Pressure @ 2.5 bar while Water Pressure @2000 bar)
Dimension Ø966 190x153 mm
Weight 5.3 kg (2.4 lbs)
Part Number 800975


Regulating Requirement
Precision air regulating valve 3 port 2 position solenoid