Serial Number : 801001-MP Series


Bypass valve is used on high pressure pumps. It can be controled by the air pressure, and can be used as a safety valve.

Bypass Valve


Pressure regulating and bypass functions switch from each other by changing 2 parts.

Bypass Valve
Type Normal Open
Air Source Requirement 3.5 - 6.5 bar
Dimension Ø966 190x153 mm
Weight 5.3kg (2.4 lbs)


High Pressure
Max Pressure 3,100 bar (45,000 psi)
Max Flow Rate 45 lpm (12 gpm)
Part Number 801001-HP
Middle Pressure
Max Pressure 1,500 bar (21,700 psi)
Max Flow Rate 80 lpm (21 gpm)
Part Number 801001-MP